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Outis Media Is Developing Romantic Drama Visual Novel Garden of Roses

Outis Media is currently working on Garden of Roses, a romantic drama about about a man rediscovering his past and a town populated by humans and monsters.

Garden of Roses is a romantic drama with mystery elements set in an urban fantasy world. The story takes place in the town of Edelton, which is home to both humans and demihumans, including a plethora of monster girls. Will Getz was born in the town, but had to leave at the age of seven; fifteen years later, he's returned to his childhood hometown to sort out unfinished business.

The homecoming is a chance for him to reconnect with his father, whom he hasn’t seen in all this time. Though fifteen years is a long time, Will's eccentric old man seems to have remained the same. He’s highly regarded throughout town and holds noble intentions, working on inventions to make monster’s lives easier in the human society, addressing the differences in their biology.

While his father seems the same and much of the city remains recognizable, the town has places that either don’t match up with Will’s memories or otherwise awaken uneasy feelings in him, which he can’t fully explain. There’s also a lot of local drama playing out in town, concerning an old, supposedly cursed fortune falling into the wings of a shy harpy girl.

Regardless of the odd happenings in Edelton, Will is stuck in the town for about two weeks — the entirety of his leave from work. During his stay, he will inevitably forge new connections and memories. These connections include the likes of a demihuman bovine with boundary issues, a scrappy kobold raised by the streets, and a fashionable, dark-skinned harpy girl with a superiority complex.

Garden of Roses is being developed by Outis Media, a team known for numerous, often short-form visual novels about monster girls. Garden of Roses is their biggest project to date, with a lengthy story currently estimated to include around 8 to 10 hours of content and multiple endings.

The game's current demo features the first two chapters of the story. The demo introduces the game’s main plot threads, including Will’s complicated family relations and the mysterious Oak’s mansion, two harpy heroines, and several lesser hints at future plot threads.

As it's only the story’s introduction, the opening chapters don’t contain many branching choices. These will appear more often and play an important role in the final version. Even seemingly insignificant decisions might lead to branching paths or affect future details you’ll learn about the story. With that said, good endings are planned to be entirely within the reader’s reach, with a handy summary screen helping players judge whether they missed any content on their first read through.

The story is a slow-paced drama, focused on family issues, but also contains uneasy mysteries which aim to play around with the game’s setting, with humans and monsters living side-by-side. There will be a gradual, slow romantic buildup, with no erotic content until later portions of the story, wherein friendships may blossom into true partnerships. The final version of the game will be distributed as an SFW visual novel, with an entirely optional adult patch including additional erotic scenes.

You can download the free demo of Garden of Roses from Itch.io for Windows, Linux and Mac. If you’d like to support the developers, you can check out their SubscribeStar profile.

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