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Tower Defense Protect Harem City Now Available on Steam

Protect Harem City, PinkySoul’s tower defense game about protecting a city from oncoming waves of monsters, is now available on Steam.

Protect Harem City is a tower defense game set in a fantasy world without any actual tower building. Players take the role of the guardian heroine of a small city, which is being attacked by hordes of marching monsters. Rather than build defenses along the invader’s route, players simply control the heroine from behind a protective fence, throwing various armaments at the oncoming monsters.

Defeated enemies drop gold, which can be used to upgrade the heroine’s stats, weapons, and skills. Abilities can also be used to deal devastating damage to the oncoming enemy horde. Enemies you fail to stop will damage the town’s barrier — and in certain cases, abuse the heroine, temporarily taking the player out of combat. Erotic scenes take the form of pixel art animations, which can be rewatched in the gallery at the player's own leisure.

Protect Harem City is a tower defense game. Our hero is the great protector of Harem city and she swore to protect everyone's harem forever. She will have to defend her city with everything she has, battling against all kinds of enemies in every position imagined.

Craft weapons and upgrade yourself and your skills to make sure the city will be safe and do not forget to bond with your fellow citizen.

In this game, you'll have to prevent monsters from destroying the barrier of the city with everything you can.

This game aims to make you relax and enjoy life, with many hentai animations and casual challenges.

-Nudity or sexual content

-All scenes within the game are consensual

-Various different stage biomes

-A bunch of unique H-animations

-Crafting weapons

-Upgrade lots of skills, stats and weapons

-Not suitable for watching at work

-Not suitable for all ages

-All characters in the game are over 18 years old

Protect Harem City is now available on Steam for $3.99.

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