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Super Hero Flash Fist, 丹羽Dward’s superhero-centric RPG, has been published on Steam courtesy of Mango Party.

In Super Hero Flash Fist, where a group of girls are tasked with saving the world against monsters. The game takes place in the year 2040, when monsters emerge from a rip in the space-time continuum in L City and begin their invasion of Earth. With these monsters came a mysterious energy that gave select humans supernatural abilities. These people were known as “Superheroes” and are working with the government to fight against the monster invasion.

Players take control of Rebecca — also known as Flash Fist — an elite hero of League’s L-Ville branch. Gameplay is centered on fighting monsters in turn-based battles while enduring their lewd attacks. The monsters will try to destroy Rebecca’s armor and weaken her energy, triggering a special status that makes it possible for monsters to rape her. Each lewd attack will display an erotic CG, which will vary depending on what level Rebecca’s special status is. Outside of battle, you can have Stella, the armorer for League’s L-Ville branch, repair your broken armor or go to Lily Blossom, a local futa bar. At Lily Blossom, you can buy useful healing items or work there as a waitress, fulfilling the needs of various futanari customers.

The year is 2040.

Monsters have invaded the earth through cracks in spacetime.

The mysterious energy seeping through the cracks have also granted certain people supernatural powers.

These people, now called "Superheroes", work with the authorities to counter this extradimensional threat....

Play as Flash Fist in this turn-based battle RPG. Battle monsters and maintain the peace!

Hold your ground against the monsters' powerful, and lewd attacks!

You can purchase Super Hero Flash Fist on Steam for $4.99.

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