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A witch departs on her coming of age journey in PEACH CAT’s The Maiden, the Butler, and the Witch, a fantasy RPG published by Kagura Games on multiple storefronts.

The Maiden, the Butler, and the Witch follows the life of Irina, a witch living on an island under the care of her mother and butler. The time has come for her to depart on a traditional journey to bathe with elemental spirits inhabiting these lands. However, the Demon Lord has recently settled on the island, with his monsters roaming through the forests and valleys. What should have been a soothing pilgrimage, will be a daunting challenge for Irina. Given the situation, her butler Legato who used to be an adventurer, joins her on her travels. Together, they will help Irina become a fully-fledged spellcaster and perhaps discover the mystery behind the demon lord’s appearance.

Players will guide the duo on their journey, visiting various towns, aiding people through optional tasks, and fighting monsters that cross their way. Fight take on a turn-based format, with players using skills and spells to defeat their foes. A lot of the challenge comes from limited access to resources, prompting players to exploit enemy weaknesses to minimize their loss of mana and health throughout fights. Progressing through the story allows Irina to access more spells, as she contacts various elemental spirits of the land.

Traditional JRPG Roots

Fight through hordes of monsters with a duo of characters, one focused on physical and one on magical damage. Balance their healing, mana, and resources to overcome the many dungeons and bosses of the game quickly.

Combat Strategy

Resources are limited, but you can take advantage of the enemy's elemental weaknesses to preserve mana and HP. Irina's options will expand as the game continues, unlocking new elements and spells that will annihilate enemies that were once too difficult to tackle but be careful. Suffer too many attacks, and Irina's armor will weaken, lowering her defenses. Keep her gear in good shape to avoid taking too much damage.

Packed with Laughs

While Legato loves and respects Irina, he can't help being cheeky from time to time... He will see her through this pilgrimage come rain or shine, but that won't stop him from teasing her when the situation calls for it, which is quite often considering her very sheltered life.

The Maiden, the Butler, and the Witch is now available on Steam and GOG for $14.99, as well as Kagura Games for a reduced price of $13.49. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a free patch available on the publisher’s website.

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