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The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons, Laplacian's visual novel about a tinkerer learning that he will die in three weeks, is now available on multiple storefronts.

The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons is a romantic comedy set in the near future. Hoping to create a global wireless network, humans created artificial pigeons designed to transmit radio waves as they travel, connecting the entire world. Unfortunately, the birds turned on humans for unknown reasons and began absorbing radio waves instead of projecting them. This has disrupted communications, made flight impossible, and plunged the world into chaos.

The year is now 2061. The young tinkerer, Yamanashi Sora was heavily impacted by the pigeon revolt, surviving a plane crash caused by the sudden radio disruptions. Since then, he’s been working on a new kind of radio, which could still function despite the pigeon’s interference. He finally creates a functional prototype, which begins picking up a signal: a news broadcast from the future, announcing his passing roughly three weeks from now. Mystified, he travels to the Terminal 1 of the abandoned Nariyama International Airport, where his parents died, and where he’s meant to turn up dead in less than a month. While investigating the place, he meets a mysterious woman who promises to save his life.

Hazuki Kaguya

A woman who lives alone in the now-abandoned Terminal 1 at Nariyama Airport.

She’s the intelligent and aloof daughter of Dr. Hazuki Izana.

A late bloomer, her first menstruation was at age 13. Since she lives alone in the terminal ruins, she did not have any bras to support her growing attributes. Fortunately, her cup size settled into what we call in current times a C cup. Her chest has maintained a nice, perky shape. Her small, pink nipples proudly poke at the fabric of her clothes, making them clearly visible when she’s standing upright.

Azamino Tsubaki

At 29 years old, Tsubaki is the youngest professor in Nariyama Academy. A bisexual ice queen.She was the right-hand woman of Hazuki Izana for several years before the pigeons began eating radio waves. She firmly believes that Izana is the only person smarter than her.

A heavy smoker, she carries with her a bitter, heartrending scent, and her kisses leave the distinct aftertaste of tobacco. Her cigarette brand of choice is the ever-popular π-lite, a traditional brand that has kept the same packaging for the last 100 years. Each cig contains 17mg of tar and 1.4mg of nicotine.

The way her small blue tank-top fits around her large chest attracts the gazes of men across all age ranges, but she pays them no mind. This dismissive demeanor of hers only serves to stir the hearts of men further.

Kosumo Akina

A second-year undergrad at Nariyama academy, and a survivor of the accident that happened fifteen years ago.

Akina is a bright and honest soul that’s easy to confide in. The academy’s coffee stand’s sales increased at least sevenfold the day this beauty put on the apron and started serving customers. Not one to blush and deny praise, Akina’s the kind of girl who will respond with a hearty ”thank you” if you’re bold enough to call her cute. She exudes confidence and strength.

Her free-spirited nature and self-awareness make her a force to be reckoned with for every virgin in town. Every day, she leaves behind a trail of guys awkwardly leaning forward to hide their stiffies as she greets her fellow schoolmates. While in this state, it is advised that affected boys avoid her touch at all costs, for it is said that a simple tap on the shoulder from her can cause spontaneous ejaculations among the overly horny.

Yamanashi Mizuki

A student at Nariyama Academy’s secondary program.

She’s our protagonist’s little sister, except not really. They share no blood ties, and her age shall not be disclosed, but trust us when we say she’s perfectly legal. She’s the only daughter of Sora’s adoptive parents, the Yamanashi family.

She can spout one dirty joke after another with a straight face, but she has trouble looking others in the eye whenever she has something important to say. Making fun of her brother’s virginity is this twin-tailed cutie’s favorite pastime, much to Sora’s dismay.

Mizuki loves tea, to the point that she even has a tea stalk mascot always attached to her hip. The mascot’s name is Teack, and he’s a tea fairy. Mizuki assures us that his name’s similarity to the word ”dick” is purely coincidental. She seems to love the little guy to bits, despite everyone else only ever seeing a phallus when looking at it.

The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons is now available on Steam, JAST USA, Denpasoft, and MangaGamer for the promotional price of $26.69 until February 24th, at which point it will cost $29.99. Adult content for the Steam version of the game has to be installed separately using a free patch found on the publisher’s website.

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