Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

PANDORA, HURAKAN’S RPG centered around a young man avoiding monster girls as he tries to return home, has been released on DLsite.

PANDORA is a fantasy RPG developed by HURAKAN, as well as the first game released by the developer. The game's protagonist, Mark, somehow ends up in a strange world with monster girls trying to have their way with him. Players take control of him as he tries to find his way out of this world and back into his normal life.

Players will start PANDORA with five lives, with the main goal being to navigate through the dungeon while avoiding the monster girls. If you end up being caught by one of the monster girls, she will fuck you, prompting a countdown to start ticking down. Fill up the struggle gauge and free yourself before time runs out or else you will lose one of your lives. During the struggle to break free, other monster girls in the area can still approach you and reset the struggle gauge. When that happens, it will become more difficult to struggle out, but managing to break free will stun any monster girls within range.

Players can also hide in chests to avoid the monster girls, but if they catch you hiding, they'll capture you outright. Some monster girls will also try to trick you by offering help. If you accept their aid, they'll take advantage of you, leading to an automatic game over. There are also collectible pictures scattered around the dungeon, as well as minigames to play.

"The people who like big tits game will definitely love this game.

I have 50 Moving CG

, 42 CG

And many mini games

It's Hurakan's first game.

Enjoy the game by moving around the dungeon and back to normal life.

Since it took a 3 years, the drawing have a many changes


The trail version starts at the middle of the game."

You can purchase PANDORA on DLsite for 1,210¥ which is approximately $9.03. There is a demo available as well. Before purchasing the game, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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