Putting the D in the double D.

Tyrant Quest - Gold Edition, Redikal’s fantasy visual novel about a vengeful, newly-awakened demon lord, is now available on Steam.

Tyrant Quest - Gold Edition is a fantasy visual novel told from the perspective of a Dark Lord, a selfish and powerful entity that once sought to rule the world. After he was vanquished, though, his plans fell into ruin. After the passing of several generations, he is once again revived; however, an item crucial to his powers has since been stolen, forcing him to search for the artifact before he can enact his revenge.

Aiding him in his mission is the lustful succubus, Lili, who was once a familiar of his beloved. They’re also joined by the witch Seren, his last surviving descendant, and later manage to capture the elven queen Elanor and her bodyguard, leaving them at the Dark Lord’s command. The Dark Lord’s mission won’t be an easy one, as the descendant of the magician who sealed him in the past is hot on his track, plotting together with her powerful dragon familiar Ancalia.

With the beginning of a harem and a clear goal to work towards, players will follow the Dark Lord’s adventure through an estimated 15 hour-long story, featuring numerous romance options, moral choices, 58 erotic scenes and 7 possible endings.


Tyrant Quest is an erotic, dark fantasy visual novel about a Dark Lord who seeks revenge after being sealed away for a hundred years. But an important artifact was stolen from him, and without it, he is too weak to defeat his enemies. And so he sets out with his last loyal subject, the succubus Lili, seeking a way to regain his power.

Along the way, he will find new servants and meet new enemies. Among them, maybe he will encounter a mistress worthy of ruling by his side, and maybe he will build a harem fitting the Dark Lord. But whatever he does, he will have his revenge--or he will die trying!


• Play an eroge with a long and intense storyline, with 15+ hours of gameplay featuring deeply developed characters.

• Several romances are available, each with several intimate scenes to get your heart racing.

• Every decision counts: would you be kind and good or harsh and cruel with your companions?

• A total of 7 different endings, including the possibility of establishing a harem.

• Over 58 erotic scenes in CG for your viewing pleasure.

• Sophisticated sound effects and original music to enhance the immersion.

Tyrant Quest - Gold Edition is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $12.59 until February 20th, at which point it will cost $13.99.

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