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Isekai Visual Novel SuccuSeka: Resist Succubus Temptation Now Available on Steam

Two young people are transported to the world of succubi in Wakaba Syokei’s SuccuSeka: Resist Succubus Temptation, published by Far East Studio on Steam.

SuccuSeka: Resist Succubus Temptation is a fantasy visual novel about a young pair from a remote village: Rei is clever and energetic, while his childhood friend Meimei is brave and skilled at martial arts. The two of them stumble upon a portal to another world while exploring nearby ruins. It teleports them to a mysterious town, home to numerous succubi. As may be expected, the demonic women don’t just leave the pair alone, instead tempting them with the pleasures of the flesh. While the situation may seem dire, a mysterious voice from the heavens reaches out to Rei trying to guide him, helping to avoid the temptations. It’s up to the players to decide whether he withstands his trials, or loses himself, leading to one of the story’s two endings.

SuccuSeka: Resist Succubus Temptation has previous released on DLsite. The new Steam version comes with an optional DLC purchase, including an additional segment to the story. It features Meimei and the pink-haired Noa arguing over which one of them makes for a "good woman." The extra story is short, and features a comedic tone throughout.


This is a succubus visual novel with Multiple Endings.

Rei(hero) and his childhood friend Meimei(heroine), who were exploring the ruins, were suddenly enveloped in light.

...What was spread out in front of them was a different world, a lonely town.

And they met people who were not human.

They are "succubus" with wings, tails swaying, and wow...erotic costumes!

What will be the fate of the two who encounter them...!?

Can Rei overcome his lust? ...It's up to you!!


• A thrilling heroic fantasy with an erotic succubus twist! Enjoy a story that intertwines two threads: one, a thrilling heroic fantasy where you save the world, and the other, an inescapable erotic twist where succubi dominate you and train you in the ways of pleasure.

• Will you resist or succumb, become a hero or a toy? Succubi will seduce you mercilessly. At times, they will even try to overwhelm you with pleasure using their special abilities. As the player, you can decided whether to become the hero who saves the world or a toy for the succubi to play with.

• A world under succubus control! Surely, the succubi will show you true happiness. Once you succumb to their temptation, you will never be the same as you fall deeper and deeper under their spell.

SuccuSeka: Resist Succubus Temptation is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $22.49 until February 20th, at which point it will cost $24.99. The SuccuSeka Special Story DLC is available for $4.99.

The DLsite release of SuccuSeka remains available for $19.72 USD (estimated from ¥2,640).

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