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PyroCyan and members of Project TBA have released a translation for AKABEiSOFT3’s romance drama visual novel, Inochi no Spare.

Inochi no Spare is a romance drama visual novel about unfortunate sisters. Shukugawa Meguri was born with an idiopathic disease. Though the cause and mechanisms are largely unknown, the diseas nonetheless puts her life in danger. The only known method to potentially cure a patient is via heart transplant, but finding a matching organ donor is very unlikely. For that reason, Meguri’s parents had a second child, Ria, whose role is to serve as a heart donor when the time comes.

Shizumine Ryuuji is a friend of the two girls and one of very few people privy to their secret. He has a calm personality, but also lacks the emotional skills necessary to fully express himself, due to a life of solitude. His mother and older brother have already passed and his father lives elsewhere, leaving Ryuuji responsible for his own wellbeing. He spends a lot of his time with Meguri, supporting her in the challenging situation she was placed in, as she has to make the decision whether Ria’s birth only happened so that the younger sister could die for her sake.

The romantic drama was developed by AKABEiSOFT3 and originally released in Japan in 2016. It saw a Chinese fan translation the same year, followed by an Indonesian patch in 2019, and a Korean one in 2021. Now, the fan translator PyroCyan has published an English patch for the game, which he developed with the help of Adrianrhod, Poutchouli, Shinyy, and Belm, from Project TBA.

The patch for Inochi no Spare is available for download on PyroCyan’s blog. The patch has to be applied onto a copy of the visual novel, which can be purchased on Fanza Games for the promotional price of $27.55 (estimated from ¥3,696) until March 7th, at which point it will cost $39.41 (estimated from ¥5,280).

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