Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Ertal Games has launched a Kickstarter for Exes Assault!!, a romantic comedy about a man who discovers that he will need to work with his exes at his new job.

In Exes Assault!!, players take control of Jorge Arias, a twenty-seven year old gay man who wasn’t the most responsible adult, switching out partners often and partying all the time. To see if he could become a better person, his father gave him an ultimatum: if Jorge can’t prove that he is a responsible adult by his twenty-eighth birthday, then Jorge won’t inherit his company. To prove how responsible he is, Jorge managed to get a job at a multinational company. Jorge intended to prove that he was an honest and hardworking employee, only for his very first day to take a turn for the worse: he finds out his boss is the guy he had a fling with at a BDSM bar and three of his coworkers happening to be his ex-boyfriends. Those relationships ended messily, so some of them aren’t happy to see him, but Jorge will have to make due with this situation if he's to have any hope of inheriting his father’s company.

Exes Assault!! is planned to have four routes, with two endings per route and thirty CGs. There will be two versions of the game: a SFW version and a NSFW one. The 18+ version will have three to five sex scenes per route and one group sex scene. Some fetishes featured in the game include shibari, public sex, spanking, masturbation, and more.

A pampered, easy-going guy who must face, for the first time in his life, the consequences of his dissolute way of life... and also consider why he started acting like that in the first place. Let's see him grow up as a person or fail miserably.

Jorge's cheerful, happy-go-lucky new boss. Casual sex and a good workout at the gym are the only things that alleviate his stress after work. But there might be more to him than what the cover suggests.

Jorge's high school best friend and college sweetheart. He used to be a shy guy with a bullying problem, but now he reappears as your regular yaoi high achiever, successful seme. Has he really changed, under those expensive, too-flashy suits and a high-paying position in an investment company?

Perfectionist to a nauseating degree, this ex-party animal is definitely not happy to meet Jorge again. He's determined to make Jorge's path to success as difficult as possible!

The innocent, slightly tsundere kind. Coming from a difficult environment, everything he has, he has earned through hard work: orphan, with two younger siblings to support, he's determined to work his way up to the top.

Ertal Games is looking to raise €10,000 ($10,718) to successfully fund Exes Assault!! on Kickstarter. If they reach their goal before the project's deadline on March 3rd, there are still five stretch goals to aim for:

  • At €12,500 ($13,380), a pole dancing scene will be added to the game.
  • At €15,000 ($16,055), there will be a polyamory route added into the game.
  • At €20,000 ($21,407), the game will receive full voice acting.
  • At €25,000 ($26,759), there will be more sex scenes with each character.
  • At €30,000 ($32,111), Ertal Games will release DLC featuring extra stories of each love interest.

The Kickstarter also features twelve different reward tiers available for those who decide to make a pledge.

The Early Bird tier for €10 ($11) is no longer available as of this writing.

For €15 ($17), backers will receive a copy of Exes Assault!! on Steam or and their name in the credits.

For €20 ($22), backers will receive the previous reward tier and two desktop wallpapers.

For €25 ($27), backers will receive the previous reward tier and a digital art book for the game.

For €30 ($33), there are two different reward tiers available. In the first tier, backers can get a digital copy of the game two weeks before the public release and their name in the credits; the second tier includes a digital copy of Exes Assault!!, their name in the credits, and their choice of one of Ertal Games’ other games.

For €50 ($54), there are also two different reward tiers available. The first one will get backers a copy of the game, their name in the credits, two desktop wallpapers, two digital wallpapers, the digital art book, a set of character stickers, and a set of A6 size prints. The second one will get backersan early access copy of the game, their name in the credits, and the digital art book.

For €75 ($81), backers will receive a copy of the game, wallpapers, their name in the credits, and beta access. Backers will also be able to get updates and provide feedback on the latest builds of the game.

For €100 ($108), backers will receive everything from the previous tiers.

For €500 ($536), backers will receive a copy of the game, their name in the credits, desktop wallpapers, digital art book, beta access, and the chance to design a side character that will be another of Jorge’s exes.

For €1,000 ($1,072), backers will receive all the previous rewards, except for the option to design a character, instead getting the opportunity to write a scene for the game. Backers will be able to create a scene depicting whatever situation or fetishes they want and it will appear in the game.

The crowdfunding campaign for Exes Assault!! ends on March 3rd. As of this article's writing, Ertal Games has raised €10,331 ($11,072) of their funding goal. You can find more information about the game on Kickstarter. There is also a demo available for the game on Steam and

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