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BETA-SIXDOUZE, Liar-soft’s, a sci-fi VN about a man and a mysterious young woman repelling an alien invasion, has been released on Steam and Johren.

BETA-SIXDOUZE takes place in the future, wherein Earth is threatened by an extraterrestrial being suspended about 380,000 kilometers above it. Referred to by humans as “Consuelo”, the entity has previously invaded, remaining a threat since then. In direct response to the looming threat, the military developed special Battle-SHEEP suits, piloted by the STX Space Force, to fight the aliens and their spawns.

Yosuke Hakone is the newest captain of the STX, promoted thanks to his selfless nature. Despite his kindhearted demeanor, he’s largely motivated by guilt for being the grandson of a notorious war criminal, Ichizo Yodaka. Coinciding with his promotion, he’s paired with Hanaco, a mysterious and immature girl with great skills. The two of them will have to find common ground as copilots if they're to have any hope of saving Earth.

The visual novel serves as a sequel to ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK, following the grandson of the previous protagonist. Many characters from the old STX crew return, including the altruistic researcher, Jean Regulus, and the infamous Ichizo Yodaka. New characters include the fennec beastman, Jean Valjean, the ex-commander Antonie de Sagan, and the caring, artificial goddess created by Jean, Eliza.


• Visual novel featuring 10+ hours of space adventure

• High-quality event CGs featuring original anime artwork

• More mecha duels, fluffy tails, and pulpy science fiction!

• Full professional Japanese voice acting


Approximately 380,000 kilometers from Earth, a monstrous rose blooms just beyond the night sky, its silhouette glowing ominously in the moonlight. No one knows when it will strike again, and its true name and intentions remain unconfirmed. Humans know it only as “Consuelo.”

Enter Yosuke Hakone, a combat pilot with Earth's military entrusted with an unlikely mission: to take to the stars in the legendary Battle-SHEEP Sura with his mysterious new copilot Hanaco... and defeat humanity’s greatest threat yet!

But with Hanaco’s regressions and Yosuke’s own intergenerational inner demons to overcome, will this mismatched pair get it together in time? And just who is Hanaco, really...?

The second in Dento Nanahoshi and Liar-soft's STX-SF series following ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK, this space opera sequel is for the starry-eyed dreamer in all of us–a nostalgic nod to the old adage that what’s essential is invisible to the eye.

BETA-SIXDOUZE is now available on Steam and Johren for the promotional price of $15.99 until February 16th, at which point it will cost $19.99. Adult content for the Steam version will h ave to be installed separately using a patch available on Johren.

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