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Humble Bundle has launched the Steamy Sakura Special, a bundle featuring the entirety of four of Winged Cloud's Sakura series of visual novels.

Winged Cloud has teamed up with Humble Bundle for a bulk sale of its visual novel series, known as the Steam Sakura Special. This bundle provides a chance for newcomers to enter into the franchise, with four complete visual novel series and a handful of additional games, including the well-regarded Sakura Dungeon RPG.

The bundle doesn’t have tiers, instead offering the entirety of its collection for $12, though buyers can pay beyond that minimum threshold if they want. The full set features 19 mostly comedic titles, comprised of:

  • Six entries of the Sakura Succubus series of harem visual novels. These stories follow a photographer who discovers that much of the world’s upper-class consists of succubi manipulating humans. He also learns that they find him incredibly alluring.
  • The Sakura Forest Girls, which follows the journey of a girl from a tribal community looking for her long-lost female friend over the course of a three-part adventure.
  • The Sakura Knight trilogy, a yuri series in the same vein as Sakura Forest Girls. This time, readers follow a newbie knight on her first set of quests, through which she ends up building a harem of adventurers.
  • The Sakura MMO series of yuri visual novels, which follows an average woman with a lackluster daily life and lacking relationships, but is also a renowned player in an online game.
  • Sakura Alien, which follows the crazy life of a young man fascinated by the stars. A student of astronomy, he finds himself surprised by an alien suddenly falling from the sky and into his lap. The alien girl, Ena, is fascinated by Earth’s culture, and takes her encounter with Haru as a sign she should marry him. This revelation gives Haru’s childhood friend, Hiyori, a new perspective on their relationship.
  • Sakura Swim Club is a straightforward visual novel about an average transfer student. Arriving at a new school, Kaede meets two beautiful girls from the swim club and decides to join the club in order to help them out.
  • Sakura Dungeon, an RPG dungeon crawler about an ancient fox spirit, who awakens to find that her domain has been taken from her during her slumber. With aid from the knight who awoke her, she departs into its depths to reclaim what’s hers. You can find our review of the game here.

The Steamy Sakura Special will remain live on Humble Bundle for the minimum price of $12 until March 2nd. As is standard for Humble Bundle, part of the proceedings will go to charity, in this case Direct Relief. Adult content for these games has to be installed separately, using patches found on Winged Cloud’s Patreon page.

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