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Sex and Zombies, a roguelike shooter involving rescuing sexy girls during a zombie apocalypse, has been published by SimpleDes on Steam.

Sex and Zombies is a roguelike shooter game by the developer of the Girls series of slide puzzle games, SimpleDes. It’s summer vacation and while everyone else has decided to go out of town for a vacation, you’ve chosen to stay home. Unfortunately, it just so happens that a zombie apocalypse has begun in the city. You'll need to arm yourself and exterminate the zombies before you become their next meal.

In each level, a girl will be in danger, who can only be rescued by killing all zombies in the stage. The zombies will come after you in waves, with each one will be more difficult than the last, necessitating proper ammo management. There are twelve types of weapons available to use, such as revolvers, assault rifles, grenade launchers, and more. Items can be powered up with their own special bonuses and attributes that spawn around the map. The effects won’t be immediately obvious based on their appearance, making it helpful to collect them all to better understand each item does. After saving the girl and completing the level, you will be rewarded with an erotic CG.

What would you do if you spend another boring summer in the city, when everyone has gone on vacation, and the only entertainment outside is a zombie apocalypse? Of course, arm yourself and go shoot your new brainless friends before they get to your brains!


- 12 different weapon types - from revolvers and assault rifles to sniper rifles and grenade launchers

- Fast dynamic runs

- Apple or zombie liver? The answer is not so obvious - collect items that give you various bonuses and power-ups

- Waves of enemies, each is longer and more violent than the previous one. How long will you stand?

- But you don't fight only for yourself, do you? 6 beautiful girls who will thank you for saving them

You can purchase Sex and Zombies on Steam for $1.99.

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