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Cats in Heat - Summer Fling, artoonu’s nukige visual novel about having some fun with catgirls at a beach, has been released on Steam.

Cats in Heat - Summer Fling is a nukige visual novel about a man who decides to spend some time at the beach. While there, he is approached by three catgirls: the petite and inexperienced Hannah; the eager, red-haired Lilly; and the energetic Miley. As it turns out, all three of them are experiencing effects of the mating season.

Over the course of the short story, the protagonist will get to hang out with the heroines at the beach, taking selfies and making sexual advances. The game features near 100 moments of choice, with many related to the sexual activities themselves. When including their variants, there are 90 images to discover throughout the story, spread across six branching sex scenes.

Multitude of choices - Personalize YOUR story!

• With close to 100 total choice points, immerse yourself in summer holidays experience!

• Will you be nice to your new friends or treat them like temporary toys to play with?

Several fetishes and positions!

Includes: vaginal and oral sex in a few positions - missionary, cowgirl, from behind, head down ass up; titjob, blowjob, handjob, clothed sex.

For more details please check Mature Content Description section above.

Summertime story!

• Approached by three girls, begin your adventure! Meet with girls, fuck them on the beach and receive nude selfies!

• Colorful and diverse characters, carefully crafted story, and lots of unique illustrations bring this fun romantic hookups comedy to life!

Plenty of Event CGs!

• Each of the 6 sex scenes has several unique illustrations depending on your choices or scene progression! Almost 90 images in total!

• See important story points illustrated! Fun activities, volleyball, accidental boobfall, cumming on her face!

Cats in Heat - Summer Fling is now available for PC and Linux on Steam for $2.99.

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