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The 2nd page of the medical examination diary, Prekano’s visual novel about a young doctor reconnecting with his childhood friend, has been released on Steam.

The 2nd page of the medical examination diary: Another story of exciting days of me and my senpai is less of a sequel and more of a retelling or alternate route to the original examination diary visual novel by Prekano. The story follows Dr. Shirosawa, a young man who just began his career at a hospital, and being assigned to the role of a junior doctor. While there, he runs into Mio, his childhood friend.

It seems that he has a lot to learn from Mio now that she's his senior, but their peaceful days at work are cut short, during an attempt to protect Mio, Shirosawa falls down a flight of stairs. Left with broken bones, he becomes a patient of the hospital, rather than a doctor. Mio feels like this event is all her fault. To help make her feel better, the young doctor asks her to take care of him until he recovers. She happily accepts the arrangement and begins looking out for him to make up for the accident.

The visual novel was developed by Prekano and first released in Japan in 2018, with an OVA adaptation released within the same year. The game offers a short, straightforward romance story with a fully-voiced heroine.

"The adult love with the nurse who is a childhood friend."

The first step to becoming a doctor, which was his dream.

On the day he was assigned to the hospital as a trainee doctor,

there the protagonist encountered his childhood friend,

who has become a nurse, for the first time in several years.

The protagonist spent his busy training days at the hospital,

learning the details from her, who is now his senior.

But one day, the protagonist fell down the stairs to protect her.

He broke his right arm and left leg,

temporarily interrupting his training and forced to rest in the hospital.

The room where he was treated was the wing where she was allocated.

Seeing the protagonist lying in bed with broken bones,

she looked depressed, as if she felt a responsibility for the incident.

To encourage her, the protagonist decided to make a suggestion.

"I'd be glad to have you take care of me when you're free..."

"Yes, I will!"

Thus, Akagi Mio began to take care of the protagonist beyond her duties as a nurse.

This is the love story between the resident doctor and the nurse at the hospital.

The 2nd page of the medical examination diary: Another story of exciting days of me and my senpai is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $11.89 until February 8th, at which point it will cost $13.99. Adult content has to be installed separately using a free patch found on the publisher’s website.

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