...the fuck?

A man marries his childhood friend, but work interferes with his love life in Fallen Bride Mege, available on Steam.

Developed by Wolf holiday and published by OTAKU Plan, Fallen Bride Mege is an RPG Maker game that plays like a visual novel. There isn’t much gameplay, but there are multiple endings. The protagonist recently got married to his childhood friend Mege, and received blessings from both sides of the family. He lived a happily married life with her, but his workplace is suddenly laying people off and he can’t bring himself to tell her about it. When his boss meets Mege for the first time, he offers her a proposition. Her husband can keep his job, if she sleeps with the boss.

The gameplay is linear and consists of how the protagonist works each day. Each day, you can choose one of three options that determine how hard he works. The first option consistently pays the minimum amount. The second one can earn you a lot of money, but the payment is inconsistent. The final option is a minigame where you chase women and you get paid for each one you catch. What you earn can be spent on hidden cameras and audio bugs to spy on your wife. Sex scenes and Mege’s sprite are animated with live2D animation. You are able to view the H-scenes you collected in the gallery.

Mege is the childhood sweetheart of the protagonist. Lucky enough, he is able to marry Mege with everyone's blessing and lives a happy life.

But the sudden news of layoffs broke his peaceful days.

"Ma'am, you don't want your husband to lose his job, do you?"

In order to support her husband, Mege got acquaintanced with more and more people, and her peaceful life with the protagonist was gone...

You can purchase Fallen Bride Mege on sale from Steam for $13.49. After February 10th, the sale will end and the price will return to $14.99. Don’t forget to download the R18 DLC patch from Steam or OTAKU Plan’s site.

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