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Visual Novel A Maiden Astrologer Divines the Future Releases on JAST USA and Steam

A Maiden Astrologer Divines the Future, Rosetta and iMel’s kinetic visual novel, is now available on JAST USA and Steam.

A Maiden Astrologer Divines the Future is a visual novel developed by Rosetta and iMel, who previously worked on the crossdressing visual novel, Hot “Sento Girls” and love. The story follows the heroine, Izumi Mizushiro, a maiden astrologer who lives together with her little sister, Towa. She works in a small corner of a coffee shop, where she divines for her clients. Making her clients happy or supporting them through her divinations is something that always makes Izumi feel happy and fulfilled. One day, though, something strange happened: she received an abnormally large number of divination requests and gets into trouble. When she tries to find the source of her problems, a woman named Maki appears before her. This encounter ends up causing a series of unexpected events to occur, flipping Izumi’s peaceful life upside-down.

A Maiden Astrologer Divines the Future is a kinetic visual novel that features no choices. Despite the depictions of such in the CGs, there is no yuri content present in-game; the H-scenes consist of Izumi having sex with a nameless male character, who represents the reader.

"A Maiden Astrologer Divines the Future” is a visual novel game with no choice.

The main character of this work is “Izumi Mizushiro”, a maiden Astrologer.

She lives with her younger sister “Towa”.

One day Izumi starts experiencing unexpected troubles, and while Izumi and others are looking for the cause of the problems, they are visited by a girl named “Maki”.

From there, they experience both new encounters and farewells.

This work is an adventure game that you can enjoy about an astrologer named Izumi who feels happy and rewarded when "making someone happy" or "being able to support someone".

You can purchase A Maiden Astrologer Divines the Future on Steam for $11.99 and on sale from JAST USA for $9.59. If you plan on buying the Steam version of the game, be sure to download the free R-18 patch from Rosetta’s site.

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