Your little secret is ours now

Clear out minesweeping levels to reveal erotic images behind them in Marshmallow Meat’s MINE*MINE, a puzzle game now available on DLsite.

MINE*MINE is a classic minesweeping game, providing four sets of puzzle levels challenging the player’s deductive skills. Each set of levels is connected with a sex scene featuring renders of a 3D heroine during intercourse. Each stage in the set contains a different image of the same act, with the heroine advancing between key poses until climax.

The minesweeping gameplay doesn’t deviate from the standard formula in any notable way. Each level consists of a square board in one of three sizes, with bombs scattered randomly underneath the tiles. Players can uncover one tile at a time, with ‘safe’ tiles showcase a number once revealed. These clues indicate how many bombs are adjacent to the given square, including diagonally. The player’s task is to reveal tiles while avoiding the explosives. Suspicious tiles can be marked with a flag, with the player being given just as many as there are bombs to help them judge their theories. The level ends when all empty tiles are uncovered, whether or not the bombs have been successfully flagged. Players are allowed to make three mistakes in each level of the game.

MINE*MINE features four main stages with multiple levels, as well as a free play mode featuring beginner, intermediate and expert difficulty settings. CGs discovered in the game’s main levels can later be viewed in the gallery. An SFW option is available in the settings menu, making the images invisible during play.

This game is R18+ minesweeper.

You can select a stage to challenge yourself, and by clearing the stage, you will be able to view NSFW CG.


[Mouse LeftButton]: open cell / chording

[Mouse RightButton]: flag set / get

[Mouse MiddleButton]: Retry (FreeMode Only)

[Escape Key]: open menu window

*You can enjoy the following contents in the trial version.

Main Mode: Stage1

Free Mode: Beginner

MINE*MINE is now available on DLsite for a reduced price of $3.05 USD (estimated from ¥396). the sale ends on February 9th at midnight JST, afterward the price will return to it's usual $3.39 USD (estimated from ¥440) pricing. A demo of the game, featuring the first set of levels, can be downloaded from the store page.

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