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Match Three Puzzle Game Project: MIRROR Now Available on Steam

Project: MIRROR, Artist BOA’s fantasy puzzle game, has been published on Steam courtesy of 430Games.

Project: MIRROR takes place in a fantasy world filled with magic and mythical creatures. When a violent storm struck, the souls of seven cute girls were shattered into pieces. As one of the survivors of this storm, you have taken it upon yourself to restore their souls and save them. It's up to you to gather the pieces of their souls and make them whole once again.

Like other contemporary match-3 games, players will need to connect the same color of crystals in a column or row to clear them out and earn points. Though the goal is to score enough points to move onto the next level, players also have the option to skip levels as well if they want to rush through the game. When a certain amount of levels are completed, erotic CGs of the game's various girls will be unlocked. Project: MIRROR features one hundred levels and achievements to complete. As players reach the game's higher levels, the puzzle grids will become more complex and blocks will alter how the crystals fall.


Project: MIRROR! is a fascinating puzzle game about making combinations of multiple crystals! 100 vibrant levels with hot girls and a variety of visual, sound effects await you.

- In this game you have to correctly pick up the same crystals in a row so that they disappear. Your goal is to score points and unlock new levels.

- After you pass several levels, you will have beautiful girls available in the gallery Collect the necessary number of points and conquer one level after another with beautiful and amazing girls.

With each new level, collecting souls and smashing crystals will become more and more interesting! Enjoy a fun game and beautiful, hot girls at the same time! Lots of cool levels with great effects are waiting for you! You'll be hooked on this game!

You can purchase Project: Mirror on Steam for $4.99.

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