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SpiU’s Queen Hunter, an open-world RPG about a veteran soldier exploring the life of adventuring, is currently in development and playable on Itch.io.

Queen Hunter is a fantasy RPG in which players take the role of a young man returning from the army. After serving as a soldier of common birth, you’re now free to settle down in your home village. Your parents have passed during your absence and most other men haven’t returned from the draft. As such, you’re one of few people in the area capable of protecting the local folk from monsters and bandits.

The game is designed with an open-ended nature in mind, letting players travel to any spot marked on the map and interacting with various people. It’s up to you whether you’ll focus on quests from specific heroines, grind battles against monsters in dungeons, or focus on making gold as a monster girl enslaver. Doing favors for characters can improve your relationship with them, allowing you to progress through their stories.

The current demo of Queen Hunter contains eight locations, a handful of quests and shops, as well as one combat area with two arenas. The game’s combat mixes real-time and turn-based elements together. The hero can attack with his weapon only after it recovers from a lengthy cooldown, though spells and consumable items can be used at any time. Similarly, enemies will attack after a set amount of time has passed.

Queen Hunter is ecchi in nature, featuring scenes of nudity showcasing a fox girl, a slime girl, and human bandits. More explicit content will appear in the future, including the ability to play as a futanari, rather than a male guard. The game’s developer, SpiU, has explained that he’s started working on the game as an excuse to draw more monster girls.

You can play the free demo of Queen Hunter on Itch.io.

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