Putting the D in the double D.

Kagura Games has published Hack Dack Soft’s fantasy RPG Milky Quest II on their store site and Steam.

In Milky Quest II, you play as an amnesiac who woke up in a world full of monster girls. He doesn’t know where he is or how he got here, but this place is home to monster girls who eat people for nourishment. While our forgetful protagonist winds up getting attacked, he was fortunately rescued by a purple-haired witch named Lululouch. She is willing to help him survive, if he helps her with some errands. He will need to learn to take care of himself to survive in this world.

Explore the world as you uncover items and fight monsters. When fighting the monster girls, you can catch them and unlock an H-scene of them. Each enemy requires a certain strategy to beat. Use the right special skills to weaken their defense and seize victory. Keep an eye on their statuses and use your skills wisely. The experience you earn from battle will be used to upgrade your skills. However, if you feel the enemies you face are too difficult, you can run away. To increase your stats, trade items and materials at the special shop for charms.

Old-School RPG Style

Enjoy a traditional 2D RPG where you travel the world and hunt monsters for EXP while collecting items, complete with pixel graphics and catchy 8-bit music.

Strategic Battles

Fight monster girls in intense battles. Form specific strategies to defeat strong foes and topple powerful bosses.

Detailed Battle Animations

All the monster girls you'll face are drawn with detailed sprite art, and battles are fully animated.

You can purchase Milky Quest II on sale from Steam and Kagura Games for $11.69. After February 3rd, the sale will and the games will return to its original sales price of $12.99. If you plan to buy the Steam version, don’t forget to download the 18+ patch from Kagura Games.

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