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Flayed Sanctum Is Developing the Visual Novel Dating Sim Unraveling Angel: Coward’s Paradise

Unraveling Angel: Coward’s Paradise, a horror eroge where a student is forced to join a strange afterschool committee, is available on

In Unraveling Angel: Coward’s Paradise, the protagonist Joseph is a senior who is almost out of school, but he receives an email lecturing him about his horrible attendance record. If he wants to wipe this from his school record, he'll have to become a member of the Coward’s Committee, an after school event. When he came to the library to meet up with the committee, he was the only student who showed up. Mr. Vice, the committee’s supervisor, walks in twelve minutes late, refers to Joseph by his ID number, and asks why he bothered to show up. Normally, he would spend his free time with his girlfriend Margo, but now he has to split his time between her and Mr. Vice.

The game provides route blockers that allow you to lock off choices for characters you are not interested in. This will guarantee that you will only get choices for certain characters. In this build, there are two characters you can route block: Mr. Vice and Veronika. Before starting the game, you have the choice to pick your perspective. You can choose to read the story from just Joseph’s perspective or all character perspectives. If you choose the All POV option, you can read some scenes from Margo’s perspective and see scenes that don’t show up in Joseph’s perspective. Joseph’s perspective features a black border around the image and dialogue box and Margo’s perspective features a red one.

During the last semester of his senior year, the protagonist receives an email chastising him for his poor attendance. In order to rectify this he has to participate in an after school event called the "Coward's Committee".

On arriving he found it dead.

No one else bothered to show up.

Regardless, this surprise burden forces him to split his free time between his cute girlfriend Margo and Mr. Vice, the committee's supervisor. With this man's arrival comes the recovery of something that was better left buried, as old and new faces alike make themselves known in a world that can't compete with them.

Unraveling Angel: Coward’s Paradise is available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android, but the Mac version is currently untested. You can find the most recent build of the game on If you enjoy the game, consider checking out Flayed Sanctum on Patreon.

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