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Jubakusennou, OSARUMODE’s hypnosis simulator, has been rereleased on Steam under the name Touch and Hypnosis ~ kunochi ninja Kunai.

Touch and Hypnosis ~ kunochi ninja Kunai ~ is a hypnosis simulator themed around ninjas. The title was originally released on DLsite in the previous year, and has now been rereleased under a new name on Steam.

The protagonist of the game is a young, nameless ninja who grew up together with a kunoichi his age, named Kunai. The two of them were inseparable since their youth. As they matured, the protagonist began to find her attractive, though, she never reciprocated his feelings. Instead, she fell in love with a ninja from a rival village and decided to betray her clan to be with him. As her long-time companion, the ninja was ordered to stop her by any means necessary. This is his chance to protect the village and clear his name, as he’ll be treated as an accomplice otherwise. To the protagonist, this is also an opportunity to finally put his hands on Kunai’s body.

The game has two phases: a chase mini-game and its "touch and feel" style of hypnosis simulator. The chase phase demands from the player dodge projectiles as his character chases after Kunai; if she runs away at this stage, you will lose the game.

During the simulation portion, Kunai is in a state of sleep or trance induced by hypnosis. Players have to stimulate her body by touching erogenous zones and using various tools. Over time, this will increase the level of hypnosis, allowing for more direct interactions. Going too far at any point in this process will cause Kunai to break free. This sends the player back to the chase phase, with Kunai starting from the spot she was previously caught at. To win the game, you have to successfully brainwash Kunai without letting her escape.

Touch and Hypnosis ~ kunochi ninja Kunai ~ is now available on Steam for $13.99. The previous release of the game is currently on sale on DLsite for $10.84 (estimated from ¥1,408) until February 13th, at which point it will cost $13.55 (estimated from ¥1,760).

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