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Under The Hood, Shady Corner Games’ upcoming hybrid of a block breaker game and a visual novel, is in development and currently playable on Itch.io.

Under The Hood is a block-breaker game mixed with an adult visual novel. Players take the role of a new hire at Trish's Pit, a garage run by a well-endowed mother and her two daughters: the blond-haired Frankie and the brunette Silvie. It doesn’t take long before the discovery that Trish’s family takes a more liberating approach to privacy and personal space. The mother wastes very little time before she begins flirting with you. Meanwhile, broken air conditioning is all the excuse Silve needs to take a break in her birthday suit. It won't take much to win the affection of these women, but you'll still have to prove yourself at work.

Between each story segment, you’ll be challenged by block breaker stages, representing the time spent working during shifts. Each stage gives you control of one or more paddles, with which you can bounce wrenches at engine blocks. In order to win, you'll have to hit blocks with the wrench until they disappear. Various stage hazards and gimmicks will increase the difficulty. Sometimes you may be given control of multiple paddles, seeing spills that change the speed of wrenches moving through them, or maybe finding a power-up that causes extra wrenches to fly through the board.

Each stage can feature multiple levels that have to be beaten back-to-back before you run out of lives. All of them also feature an optional objective in the form of bolts. Strike them enough times to screw them in, and you’ll get one step closer to unlocking an art piece for the gallery. Players will have to aim carefully, as clearing out all of the engine blocks will cause the level to end immediately, regardless of whether you’re finished with the bolts or not.

The current demo of Under The Hood features a tutorial chapter and two short chapters for Silvie, each with multiple block breaker levels. The full version of the game is planned to feature 30 levels, a storyline for each heroine, and 12 CGs to discover.

You can play the free demo for Under The Hood on Itch.io. A Steam page is also available with a release planned for later this year. You can learn more about the game on Shady Corner Games’ Patreon.

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