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Turning the Page, Azienda's NTR-centric mystery visual novel about two college professors is currently in development and playable on

Turning the Page is a visual novel where you can choose to play from one of two perspectives. The title's main characters, Sophie and Felix Page, are two newlywed professors that love each other as much as they love their jobs. With the start of a new semester ahead, the pair expect it to go smoothly — until the two meet the new problem student, Zack Evans. He may be failing in academics, but he happens to be the star player of the college’s basketball team. The president of the college board, Brooks, is so pleased with Zack’s athletic prowess that he has given Sophie and Felix an ultimatum: give Zack a passing grade and let him focus on basketball or Brooks will fire them. The couple is reluctant to follow his orders, but there's a chance they can convince Zack to study: he only seems interested in Sophie’s lessons.

Players can choose to play from the perspective of Felix or Sophie. Each perspective will give players a limited view of the story, limiting their view only to what the selected character is experiencing. There are some scenes that can only be seen from Felix’s perspective, but not Sophie’s, and vice versa. Felix’s perspective features a limited view of the story, where he is left in the dark about what is going on while Sophie’s perspective goes further into detail about her corruption.

For Felix and Sophie Page, two professors at Riverside College, things are going very well. They have jobs they love, they are well respected and most importantly: they have each other. In fact, their recent marriage has made it official. Nothing could get between them... except maybe one of their students...

Turning the Page is a Visual Novel focused on Netorare and Corruption.

In particular, it s part of the “mystery NTR” subgenre, meaning that the player can choose to experience the story through either the hero’s point of view, with an obscured and limited view of what is happening, or from the heroine’s perspective which shows her being stolen away from the hero in complete detail.

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