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Gaming Dick Flower Arrangement Practice, JIJI*ININ’s puzzle game about creating a custom character to care for plant-like sex toys, is now available on DLsite.

Gaming Dick Flower Arrangement Practice is a 3D simulation puzzle game. The game lacks story or context, simply introducing the player’s custom character to its unique sex plant caring system. In each of the game's levels, players are shown a randomized shape of a dildo-like plant in a pot, as well as given three of such plants on a tray. Players can issue commands to their avatar to pick up one of the flowers and stimulate it. Different sex acts affect the shape of the plant in different ways, allowing the player to shape it into the desired form and then plant it into the pot. The closer the final result is to the one shown at the beginning of the level, the higher the score will be.

Much of the gameplay in Gaming Dick Flower Arrangement Practice serves as an excuse for the player’s character to engage with the erotic shapeshifting toys. The game's customization system is notably robust, with nearly every part of the playable character being customizable; their height, skin color, facial features, hairstyle, body shape, breasts, and genitals. The game even goes far enough to divide each body part into multiple pieces; it’s possible to adjust either the general size of breasts or fine-tune the shape of multiple rings alongside their length, in order to get your exact, desired look. Clothing can also be customized, including a selection of accessories that can be placed nearly anywhere on the character.

Gaming Dick Flower Arrangement Practice has no progression, but its plant-shaping mini-game allows for various self-pleasuring acts. After finishing a puzzle, players can also enter into a dream segment, where the plant will more actively pursue sexual activity with the character. This feature is available regardless of the final score of the player's performance in the levels themselves.

The latest from JIJI*ININ. Create beautifully arranged art with gaming device colored dick flowers!

* Take this at face value. You get what you see. No matter how high your score, there's nothing to unlock.

* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial ver.

Gaming Dick Flower Arrangement Practice is now available on DLsite for $11.83 (estimated from ¥11.83) A demo is also available for download on the store page.

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