Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Claris the Princess Knight ~ Extra Story, the side story to the deleveling RPG Maker game, has been published by BokiBoki Games on Steam.

Claris the Princess Knight ~ Extra Story is a short side-story to Circle Fairy Flower’s RPG Maker game, Claris the Princess Knight. In the original game, the titular Claris is a skilled knight and mage who gets possessed by a robber she killed. Since she's extremely high leveled, his goal was to weaken and corrupt her until she could be killed easily. The objective in the original game was to make Claris lose levels, but that game mechanic is not present in the side story.

You won't need the base game to run this one, but if you want to experience the most out of the extra story, it's recommended that to play through it first. Claris the Princess Knight ~ Extra Story takes place in a different timeline where the princess knight, Claris, kills bandits for fun, but ends up bewitched by a powerful curse. This curse drops her back to level one, making her more vulnerable.

The side story features more CGs with variations and three H-scenes. The story and RPG gameplay segments are short, letting players get to the erotic scenes more quickly. Any scenes you want to replay can be seen using the event recall function. The game features content such as rape, STDs, drug injections, and other sexual behavior.

This side story contains new CG and difference pictures, and there are more serious stories and dirty pictures!

Game Features

- Additional CG images + three erotic events

- Short RPG content experience

- Quick access to pornographic events

- Event recall function

You can purchase Claris the Princess Knight ~ Extra Story for $2.99 and Claris the Princess Knight for $15.99 on Steam.

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