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The demon queen and the heroine who vanquished her father team up on a quest in Acerole’s Demon Queen Melissa, an adult RPG published by Kagura Games.

Demon Queen Melissa is a fantasy RPG playing out in a world that already dealt with its scheduled demon lord’s invasion. After the big bas was slain by a heroine, his daughter Melissa took over the throne. To everyone’s surprise, her beliefs are much different from her father’s, as she wishes for demons to co-exist with humanity.

Lufia, the heroine who defeated her father, decides to meet Melissa in person, with the queen accepting her request. Even though Lufia was the one to vanquish Melissa’s father, everything seems fine. That is, until Lufia begins to chant a spell in the throne room. Alarmed by this suspicious behavior, Melissa’s most trusted servant Marina calls for her to intervene. However, Melissa’s entry into the throne room activates the trap, sealing the magical powers of the entire trio. As it turns out, Lufia was tricked into using the spell. Now, the demon queen and the heroine have to team up on a quest to somehow regain their powers and find out the one behind the incident.

The game follows classical RPG formulas. Players may expect exploration, quests, and traditional turn-based combat. Demon Queen Melissa distinguishes itself by focusing on its erotic aspect. Early into the story, the heroines discover that consuming semen allows them to recover their powers. From that point on, players can request sexual acts from most male NPCs in the game. Gathered semen can be used to level-up the heroines instead of combat, or even to upgrade their equipment. Continuous use of the feature corrupts the girl’s morals, allowing for prostitution and eventually making them completely sex-crazed until their purity is restored at a temple.

One day, the human Hero Lufia came to the Demon Lord's Castle to greet Melissa. Despite the Hero being the one who defeated her father, Melissa agreed to meet her. However, Melissa's trusted aide Marina noticed the Hero acting suspiciously and tried to stop her, resulting in the Hero activating a holy seal that took away the trio's magic.

Now the three of them must go on a journey to find a way to undo the seal and regain their powers!

Control three unique party members!

Classic turn-based combat!

Explore a fun world filled with interesting characters!

Demon Queen Melissa is now available on Steam and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $17.99 until January 27th, at which point it will cost $19.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a free patch available on the publisher’s website.

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