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The Survival of Sarah Rose, HappyDaedalus’s fantasy visual novel about a woman's fall from nobility, is now available in early access on Steam.

In The Survival of Sarah Rose, players will be following the story of the royal Rose family's eldest daughter, Sarah. When her father, the king, is murdered, the comfortable and safe life she once knew was thrown into disarray. Players will have to help her survive a dangerous world and overcome obstacles. The choices you make can alter the story, determine Sarah’s path, and decide what type of person she ultimately becomes. If you make the wrong choice, she could end up in a worse situation or die. The game features a meta-narrative that spans across multiple storylines, encouraging players to try every route available.

The current version of The Survival of Sarah Rose has twenty hours of content and multiple routes to explore. HappyDaedalus states that they will need two more years to complete the story and artwork for the game before it can leave early access. When the game is fully released, the story will be expanded upon, there will be more artwork per scene, improved visuals, and better audio design. The price will also increase by 30% after release.

The Survival of Sarah Rose

The Survival of Sarah Rose is an epic-fantasy erotic visual novel, following the life of the eldest daughter of the royal Rose family. When tragedy strikes, Sarah finds her once safe and stable life thrown into chaos.

Playing as Sarah, you must make the decisions that will keep her safe in a world where danger is everywhere. TSSR features both an impactful choice system that sees radically different storylines depending on player choices, as well as featuring a meta-story that rewards players exploring every available path.

Will Sarah fall deeper into despair or will she survive the many challenges ahead? You decide.

You can purchase The Survival of Sarah Rose in early access on sale from Steam for $9.59. After January 26th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $11.99.

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