If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Tiramisu’s pixel eroge where an apartment owner steals his tenant’s wife, NTRaholic is available on DLsite.

We previously wrote an article about NTRaholic when TiramisuLovesNtr held a Kickstarter campaign for it back in 2021. The story follows the relationship of Chiho and Shota, a married couple that have been together since high school. While they enjoyed the honeymoon phase, their happiness didn’t last forever. Shota wasn’t earning enough money, and he is continuously scolded by his boss. Eventually, they received a rent collection letter from their landlord and had no choice but to move out.

Our main character Ryunosuke inherited two apartments from his deceased father and he has been renting one of them out to married couples to earn a living. His hobby is corrupting innocent wives and he is looking for new tenants. When Shota and Chiho apply for the apartment, Ryunosuke is already lusting after Chiho. Her curvy body and naïve smile drive him wild, and knowing she is with a loser like Shota just angers him. He won’t let her escape without tasting her body.

Unfortunately, Shota and Chiho are truly in love, so breaking them up will be a difficult task alone. Ryunosuke ends up summoning his succubus friend Lilith to make a deal: She will lend him her erotic powers, but he must corrupt Chiho and make her into a lustful whore in ninety days. If he fails, Lilith will take his soul. Use Lilith’s powers with your cell phone to try and manipulate Chiho. There are fifteen minigames to further corrupt Chiho. The game runs on a daily cycle where some activities can only be done at certain times of day.

You can buy NTRaholic on DLsite for ¥2,420, which is approximately $18.66 USD. Before purchasing the game, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page. The game will also be released on Steam in the future, though, as of right now, there is no scheduled release date.

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