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Action Game Lewd Mage’s Side Quest Now Available on DLsite

Lewd Mage’s Side Quest, Angry Magpie’s action game about obliterating monsters with walls of fire to free an overrun town, is now available on DLsite.

Lewd Mage’s Side Quest is a short action game taking place in an abandoned town within the breadbasket region. Once monsters had begun to overrun the city, those still alive managed to evacuate themselves. Since then, their old homes fell into disrepair, and streets have been overtaken by slimes and orcs.

The game’s heroine is a perverted magician who comes into the town to liberate it from the monster’s control. She makes a quick stop at a still-active bar, speaking to one of the few people left in the town. A presence of this many monsters suggests that a stronger demon is hiding in the area, likely summoning them to be his servants. To help out the barkeep and save the town, the heroine decides to hunt down this creature herself.

A single playthrough of the game can take just a couple of minutes. Players are asked to roam the town, destroying monsters with the heroine’s powerful fire spell as they seek out the demon’s hideout. Enemies don’t attack the player, instead attempting to catch and abuse the heroine. Walking into any creature will trigger a short pixel-art sex animation. Players can later rewatch any of the game’s erotic scenes after defeating the final boss.

An abandon town the breadbasket region is claimed by monsters. Judging the by the quantity of monster it's possible there's a demon that resides there. Some Demons have the ability to break reality to invite chaos to the region. To complete this quest you must eliminate demon.

A Fire Mage decided to break from her party to tackle this quest alone for inexplicit reasons.

This is a quick 5 minute game with 6 animated H-pixel scenes. Gallery is south after beating the demon.

Please try the demo for compatibility before purchase.

Lewd Mage’s Side Quest is now available on DLsite for $0.86 (estimated from ¥110). A demo of the game can be downloaded from the store page.

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