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My Harem Saga, GetSAGA's dating simulator in which a misfortunate girl starts to live with you, in development and playable on

My Harem Saga is a dating sim that separates each of the available girls into the game's different chapters. The first girl that players will have access to is Jessica, a girl first met on the train who seems to be having a bad day. She explains that her parents are getting a divorce, with her dad blaming her for it. Not wanting to be at home, she decided to stay at her best friend’s house, only to find that so-called friend having sex with her boyfriend. Complicating her situation further, her friend and boyfriend were Jessica’s partners for a college project and now they refuse to cooperate with her on it. Since she has nowhere else to go, you decide to let her stay at your place in exchange for her services.

There are two different gameplay segments in My Harem Saga: a visual novel section where you spend time with Jessica and a clicker part where you earn money. At home, you have the option to interact with Jessica by talking with her, feeding her, watching her do housework, or having sex together. Performing these actions will increase her level bar until she's ready to level up, but she won't level up automatically: you must level her up manually with money to unlock more interactions with her. During the game's visual novel segments, the available choices range from being extremely kind to overly rude. The dialogue options will ultimately say the same thing, but the tone will be different between each of them.

In order to earn money to buy outfits and level up Jessica, players can take on extra work as a pet sitter, in which clicking on the dog will yield hearts and earn money. These hearts can be used to buy auto-clicks and upgrades to make the job easier. After doing this for three minutes, players will be asked if they want to go back home with their earned money or continue pet sitting. It's possible to leave before the three minutes are up, but you'll only receive half of what you earned.

You can play the public version of My Harem Saga on If you want access to more of the game’s content, consider checking out getSAGA’s Patreon page.

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