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Kame Paradise 3, the third installment of YamamotoDoujinshi’s series of parody games centered around Master Roshi, is now available on FAKKU and DLSite.

Kame Paradise 3 Multiversex is one of the latest Dragon Ball parody games produced by YamamotoDoujinshi. This time, players control Master Roshi as he sneaks his way into a time machine while Bulma is distracted with her work on Android 16. With the ability to jump between different timelines, the old pervert attempts to visit different moments in time when various heroines were most likely to give him a shot.

The game relies mostly on exploration. Players control Master Roshi in multiple different time periods, which they can switch between using his time machine. Each level is a small area filled with NPCs. Some of them have tasks for Roshi, as they’re looking for specific items, or otherwise need his help to complete a certain mini-game.

These challenges may boil down to exploration, navigating mazes, or requiring the player to dodge projectiles appearing on the screen. The series' established rock-paper-scissor combat system makes a return, though it’s far from this title's main focus. To make the system easier on players, icons presenting the proper moves to play during fights are scattered around maps, often near the challenges themselves.

Kame Paradise 3 features eight animated sex scenes, many of which contain multiple clips, showing the action from various different angles. The leading heroines in this installment include Android 21, Caulifa, Kale, Kefla, Pan, and Videl, with additional static CGs showcasing even more characters. Players can also find early sketches of the game's artwork by exploring the game’s world.

Kame Paradise 3 Multiversex is now available on FAKKU for $21, while a version containing mosaic censorship can be purchased on DLsite for $21.48 (estimated from ¥2,750).

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