...the fuck?

Umichan Two Scoops, Vortex00's simulation game about working an ice cream stand on the beach, has been released on Steam and Itch.io.

Umichan Two Scoops is a short simulation game centered around two girls — Maiko and Pattie — both of whom have been delegated by their boss to man an ice cream stand. They have a monetary goal to meet while at work, with the player's goal being to help them by simply selling ice cream. Customers will approach the girls with a request that will have to be answered by picking the right ingredients. Some clients would like more than ice cream, though, and agreeing to satisfy their needs will earn you a nice bonus.

The gameplay in is intercut with short, comedic slice-of-life story segments. Umichan Two Scoops features 6 sex scenes with 16 erotic animations to discover and comes bundled with an 8-page adult comic. The series’ classic first-person POV returns as well, letting players serve ice cream from Maiko’s perspective.

This is a relatively small game. Please view the Feature List below!

The summer is hot, and the boss sees an opportunity for the girls to cash in on ice cream sales. But the boys at the beach are more interested in getting a taste of them instead of ice cream.

Help Maiko and Pattie collect enough cash to complete the job. She can take ice cream orders from customers, but some clients are willing to pay extra for having Maiko's "two scoops" also. She can indulge these customers for extra money and sometimes ingredients, or just for the fun of it! How will you have Maiko get the job done?

Feature List

• 16 Fully animated sex animations across 6 scenes

• Full gallery to replay the "action" whenever you like

• In-game 8 page comic showing the best way to get rid of ice cream

• A gallery of Maiko and Pattie's beach selfie images to enjoy

• Play around with Maiko's "two scoops" in pov

• Choose your "flavor" of action by earning money from who you want to

• Savor the sweetness with the ice cream building minigame

Umichan Two Scoops is now available on Steam and Itch.io for the promotional price of $3.59 until January 20th, at which point it will cost $3.99.

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