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Demons Roots, Quick nail Aristocrat’s dark fantasy RPG about demons becoming the saviors of unfortunate humans, is now available on multiple storefronts.

Demons Roots is a fantasy game taking place in a world once invaded by the demon lord’s army. Just as other such stories go, the demons were defeated by human’s united efforts, banishing them back to the demon realm. Once the otherworldly threat was gone, though, the humans turned against each other. After one thousand years since then, exploitation, slavery, and other forms of harm have become commonplace.

Having been forced into the Dark Realm ages ago, the demons haven’t fared well either, currently facing the risk of extinction. Given these circumstances, the plant demon Deathpolca decides to invade the human world anew. It is these downtrodden people, the exploited and abused, who become her greatest allies. She bands together with a gladiator, a slave, and the previous demon lord's servants to take down the empire.

The gameplay of Demons Roots follows a standard RPG formula, with exploration, turn-based combat, and a colorful cast of seven characters joining your party. The game has a fair share of drama, action, and even comedic elements, including humorous companions such as an FBI agent or the exile trap prince, as well as a fair share of revealing and absurd costumes for the heroine. The world of Demon Roots is brutal, though, with rape and exploitation being extremely common affairs. Should the player’s party fail on their quest, scenes of relentless sexual torture await them.

After the Demon Lord's defeat, the remaining demons fled to the Dark Realm. A thousand years later, on the verge of extinction, demonkind decides to invade the human world again in one final struggle for survival. However, the world they return to after years in the darkness isn't the same as it once was.

Humans have turned against their fellow man. Downtrodden and defeated, the poor find an unlikely ally: the same demons who terrorized humanity a thousand years ago. Together with the demons, they fight against the world's victors, the ones who hold all the power, to gain their freedom and create a world they can call home.

Play as the demon Deathpolca alongside an eclectic cast of characters, including demons, an FBI agent, and even a gladiator. Lead demonkind to world domination as they conquer the continent one country at a time.

Gain various items and skills as you navigate the story's twists and turns, then use them to fight powerful enemies. Find hidden treasure and face overwhelming super bosses if you're looking for a challenge.

Demons Roots is now available on Steam, GOG and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $17.99 until January 20th, at which point it will cost $19.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed using a free patch found on the publisher’s website, while the GOG release makes use of a special UNRATED DLC.

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