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On my own: A Hot Isekai Adventure, an RPG in which a religious ritual makes all men of the world disappear, is now available on Steam.

On my own: A Hot Isekai Adventure is an RPG Maker game developed by Hentai Room and Homemade Spicy. In the kingdom of Solstice, there are two gods that provide the people with magical power: Sun, which is worshiped by the men, and Moon, worshiped by the women. During the solar ritual that was performed only by men, something went awry and all the men disappeared. Moreover, as time went on, monster attacks started to happen.

Hecate, a local witch, decided to perform her own ritual in a desperate bid to bring the men back. In the process, she made a mistake and summoned a single young man named Ryo. Ryo is a shy and average guy who has been thrust into a fantastical land full of danger, magic, and beautiful ladies. As a stranger in a strange land, it's uncertain whether he'll try to find his way home or stay in this new world.

On my own: A Hot Isekai Adventure features a party system, turn-based combat, and four playable characters. Players can take control of Arthura, a lethal swordswoman with an innocent face; Hecate, a cunning witch interested in researching Ryo; Elora, an elf who wears her heart on her sleeve; and Escarlate, the queen of Solstice who promised a reward to anyone who could fix the kingdom’s problem.

You can purchase On my own: A Hot Isekai Adventure on sale from Steam for $9.34. After January 20th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $10.99. Don’t forget to download the NSFW Edition DLC on Steam to restore the game's adult content.

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