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Building our Futature, Infidelisoft’s netori visual novel about a futanari lusting after her boss's wife, is now available on Steam.

Building our Futature is a netori visual novel involving three key figures: a man running a startup company, his wife, and their first employee. Dan Collins has started a new company, which ended up being a major success; however, running a business proves to be an extremely time-consuming affair, causing him to grow distant from his wife, Sarah.

Wanting to spend more time with her husband, Sarah suggests he hires an employee to lessen the workload. As a result, the two of them become acquainted with Zoe. Seemingly an ordinary woman, she becomes Dan’s first proper worker. While helpful, her presence doesn’t afford Dan much more spare time — but it does give Sarah a chance to satisfy her urges.

Despite still feeling dedicated to Dan, Sarah becomes infatuated with Zoe, who turns out to be a futanari. The two of them keep this fact a secret from Dan, which makes it easier for them to hold an affair behind his back. Whenever Dan is absent from home, Zoe takes his place as Sarah’s partner.

Building our Futature plays out mostly from Zoe’s perspective. The reader decides on her plans for any given day. Depending on the order in which her plans are carried out and decisions made during the scenes, different endings can be reached. The nature of Zoe’s relationship with Sarah is also contextualized with the player’s decisions. The story allows for consensual adultery, corruption, and blackmail.

Building our Futature is a dickgirl cheating game told from a third-person perspective where the player can choose what content they would like to see in the next in-game week. This way you can decide what type of scenes you'd like to avoid or what content to focus on. Depending on what order you play the game some scenes and dialogue may also change.

It is a visual novel where you can make choices from all of the character's perspectives. You decide what sexual act the wife and dickgirl co-worker wil perform on their weekly meet-up. Both the order you play scenes in and the choices you make for the characters influence the content in future scenes. Choosing the type of sexual acts you like most will often add similar content later in the story.

The story centers around a husband with a successful start-up company and his supporting wife. Although supportive his wife can get lonely during her husband's long work hours, so she suggests he hires his very first employee.

The new employee turns out to be quite capable and after having met her boss' wife they become fast friends. The husband doesn't know about the secret between his employees legs, nor about her ulterior motives with his wife though...

Building our Futature is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam for the promotional price of $13.49 until January 16th, at which point it will cost $14.99.

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