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Phantom Alchemy ~Silvia’s Dynamic Urban Planning~, a fantasy JRPG about a female alchemist atoning for the sins of her father, has released on Steam.

Developed by Trynity Lab. and published by OTAKU Plan, Phantom Alchemy ~Silvia’s Dynamic Urban Planning~ is a turn-based RPG with a crafting system and dungeon crawling. Silvia’s father was a government official who eventually got in trouble for corruption. In order to make up for his mistakes, Silvia will use her skills as an alchemist to help develop the border city further. In order for her to use alchemy, Silvia needs to convert semen into energy. Players will have to help her complete quests for the citizens and collect semen so she can perform alchemical acts.

Players will have to accept requests from the citizens and gather the materials necessary for alchemy, with some requests will ask players to either defeat monsters or find items. Silvia needs semen to use alchemy, which has to be collected by prostituting her around alleyways and inside dungeons. As the border town develops, a brothel will eventually be created, thereby giving players access to even more H-scenes. The game also features a lust system that tracks just how much sex Silvia has; if she has too much sex, she will turn into a horny heroine. This will give her different H-statuses, new erotic skills, and even change the game's H-scenes.

In order to make up for the corruption committed by her father, Silvia had to help the development of the border city as an alchemist.

But if she wants to use alchemy, she must convert the spiritual power of residents into energy.

To shoulder the mission, Silvia collected spiritual power while using Alchemy to enrich people's lives.

However, after gaining the recognition of the residents, Silvia accidentally discovered the [truth] of alchemy.


- Turn-Based command battle

- Crafting system

You can purchase Phantom Alchemy ~Silvia’s Dynamic Urban Planning~ on Steam for $11.99. Don’t forget to download the 18+ patch from OTAKU Plan’s site.

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