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Team Syukino Is Holding a Kickstarter Campaign to Expand Exiori

The recently released RPG Exiori will receive more content if it receives funding on Kickstarter.

Exiori is an adult RPG spanning eight chapters, including the prologue. Two years ago, a young amnesiac named Krosuji mysteriously ended up in the world of Teseldaima. He will go on a journey through multiple worlds to find a way back home, get revenge, and uncover the whereabouts of the legendary relic known as Exiori. Characters from Team Syukino’s previous works will make an appearance as friends you can fight alongside or enemies to fight against. One of the works included is Euclyca, which is connected to Exiori but is not required to enjoy the game. Combat is turn-based and random encounters can be toggled on or off. The sexual content is also optional, and features straight, yuri, and yaoi scenes. You can opt out of any scenes you don’t want to see.


-Seven Story Chapters. (Eight if you count the prologue).

-Auto save feature.

-Turn-Based Combat.

-A colorful cast of characters with 5 in battle at once.

-Wonderful Soundtrack.

-Several optional NSFW Straight, Gay, Bi, Lesbian sex scenes.

-Ability to turn off random encounters on the fly in options.

-Limit Breaks.

-A big over-world to explore.

-Character Bios.

-Originally drawn characters and assets.

-Several Weapons, Items and Armor to unlock and equip.

Team Syukino needs $5,000 to add bonus content to Exiori. The game is already available on Steam and, but as more worlds, erotic scenes, and playable characters are added, it will need more funding to accommodate the additional content. There will also be a female Krosuji route with a different weapon and companion. Two sex scenes with female Krosuji will be added per character and more dialogue options will be available. If people donate, there are a few reward tiers available.

For $20, the Otherworldly Traveler tier, you will receive a digital copy of Exiori and the game’s soundtrack.

For $50, the Sleeping God tier, you will receive everything from the previous tier, a digital copy of one of Team Syukino’s games, Euclyca, and the Euclyca soundtrack.

For $150, the Team Syukino Hero tier, you will receive the rewards from the previous tier, a digital copy of each of Team Syukino’s games, and a digital copy of Estellium Legends II.

Unfortunately, the Ruler of The Frostlands tier for $250 and The Legendary One tier for $500 are all sold out.

Presently, Team Syukino has not listed any stretch goals, but, if this Kickstarter campaign gets overfunded, they plan to add additional content such as more NSFW scenes and other unplanned goodies.

The Kickstarter for Exiori ends on February 7th. As of writing this article, this Team Syukino has earned $1,751 of their $5,000 goal. You can read more information about the campaign on the Kickstarter page. You can also purchase the game on sale from Steam and for $17.99. After January 16th, the sale on Steam will end and the price will return to its usual $19.99 pricing.

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