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Dungeon: Keep Her, Keepherdev’s strategy game about defending an underground lair from adventurers, is currently in development and playable on Itch.io.

Dungeon: Keep Her is a strategy game in which players become the overlord of an underground lair. You’ll expand your kingdom by excavating the earthen walls around you, building new facilities and hiring guards to keep your gold safe from greedy adventurers. The project is currently being worked on by a solo developer with 15 years of experience in both commercial and hobbyist projects.

The game takes place in a cavern divided by a grid. Each square room can be dug out and then upgraded into a new facility using gold, which is generated through daily income. Currently, Dungeon: Keep Her features rooms that can produce gold or daily resource points, expand the capacity for new units, or help defeat adventurers through traps.

While construction doesn’t require unit or worker management, guards need to be hired to keep your riches safe. Each day that passes increases the chance that a female adventurer will pass through the portal and into your lair. If they can make it to the treasure room, they will steal all your gold.

Whenever a heroine attacks one of your guards, you’ll be given control of the hired monster in a turn-based battle. Each guard has unique abilities, including attacks, debuffs, and different methods of restraint. The heroines are randomly generated and will possess special traits in future updates. You can defeat the adventurers either through violent attacks or by breaking their spirit through rape. Whenever a restraining move is used, the player can utilize tools such as paddles to molest the heroine. Causing her to orgasm enough times will heavily lower her health, though she could escape your grasp at any time, giving her another chance to strike your monster. Defeating heroines in battle yields resources for crafting items, such as cuffs, which allow you to imprison them.

Each adventurer that enters your cavern will be stronger than the last, and new types can even be unlocked with research. The latest public builds allows for humans, goblins, and orcs to invade, with plans to include futanari, wolfgirls, and elves in the future. Research points can also be used to unlock new room blueprints and tools for molesting the heroines, as well as to upgrade your guards.

The latest public build of Dungeon: Keep Her currently has no end goal programmed in. Players are free to develop their underground keep and fight the heroines, even if they fail to stop some of them. In the future, the game will feature more options for kidnapped prisoners, more guards and new types of adventurers.

You can play the latest free build of Dungeon: Keep Her on Itch.io or support Keepherdev on Patreon to get access to the latest version of the game.

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