Fapping is more than just a game

New Life with Aunt, Frazunk’s simulation game centered around blackmailing the titular aunt for personal gain, is now available on DLsite.

New Life with Aunt is a simple simulation game with incestuous themes. The game’s protagonist usually lives with his parents, but since they had to leave for a prolonged period of time, they decided to leave their son at his aunt’s place. While staying with her, he awakes one night needing to grab something to drink and spots his aunt masturbating while passing by the door to her room. What’s more, she’s been moaning the name of his father while pleasuring herself. Seeing this as a prime opportunity, he records the incident and confronts her about it the next morning.

In exchange for keeping her embarrassing and controversial behavior secret, the aunt agrees to commit an even worse taboo: provide sexual gratification to the young man. She’s not so easily swayed, though, never agreeing to undress right away. Over the course of multiple days, players will have to repeat various sexual acts with the aunt, trying to manage her stamina while earning experience for their performance.

For the most part, New Life with Aunt consists of repeatedly viewing one sex animation to unlock another. The sexual acts escalate in intimacy, moving from groping to masturbation, cunnilingus, and inevitably full penetration.


The boy stayed at home alone with his aunt and learned about her secret at night and decided to take advantage of it!

[Game features]

- Erotic situations: fellatio, handjob, pussy teasing / fingering, missionary sex and more!

- Voice is available

- All CG and Animation is hand drawn

- Only a mouse need for game

- Exists three different translations (English, Japanese (machine translation), Ukrainian)

New Life with Aunt is now available on DLsite for $4.17, estimated from (¥550).

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