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Swashbuckling RPG Wet Sand Now Available in Steam Early Access

Wet Sand, Likho Games’ piracy adventure RPG about assuming captaincy of a ship, is now available in Steam Early Access.

Wet Sand is an adventure RPG taking place on the seas of a fantasy world. Players take the role of Fabian Brook, a pirate who becomes the new captain on his ship after the group's former leader was murdered. His new tasks are to simply earn the crew’s trust, support the ship’s pirating lifestyle, and figure out the previous captain’s secrets.

While largely a visual novel, Wet Sand takes on adventure and RPG elements that grant players a lot of freedom, resulting in Fabian being free to explore his ship and tackle discovered quests in any order. Each scallywag on board has their personality and story, with many characters having their own relationship scores. These will change depending on the player’s choices during dialogues and crucial story junctures. The game also features action scenes beyond just those of lovemaking between Brook and his crew members. Players will steer the ship on dangerous waters, shoot at targets, and relax with memory mini-games.

Wet Sand is currently in early access. Players can expect to experience a good chunk of the story, with more than 15 characters to meet, crucial choices to make, quests to complete, and adult scenes to discover.

Wet Sand is an adventure game that combines elements of a visual erotic novel, rpg and date simulator.

The game takes place in a fantasy world during the heyday of piracy. You play on behalf of Fabian Brook - an ordinary sloppy guy who got into a series of misadventures. You have to help him save his life, become the captain of a pirate ship, win the hearts and minds of his crew, find ancient secrets, touch the supernatural and maybe even decide the fate of the whole world!


- An epic story with the most unexpected twists.

- More than 15 characters. Everyone has something to tell about themselves and something to surprise you with.

- Own ship. Move freely through the interactive locations of the ship.

- High-quality CG scenes. The details of the images will help you immerse yourself in the game, and the 18+ content will spark your interest even more.

- Choice system. The game remembers your decisions, and the plot changes as a result of your actions.

- Relationship simulator. By improving the relationship with the crew members, you will be able to achieve a very close relationship.

Wet Sand is now available on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux for $7.99.

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