Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

A woman goes on a journey to start her own brothel in Deep Games’ adventure game Queen’s Brothel, available now on Steam.

Queen’s Brothel is an adventure game with RPG game mechanics where you meet friends, fight enemies in sex battles. Queen used to be a waitress, until she moved to a new town to start her own brothel. She buys a home and a building to use as her brothel to start off. Even though she comes across some difficulties, Queen manages to find some friends to join her brothel. Together, they will service waves of enemies the best way they know how: with their mouths and pussies.

The game has two modes: story and gameplay. Story mode allows you to skip the battles and gives you infinite gold while gameplay mode lets you experience both the story and the gameplay. Queen can move to different locations to accept quests. She can work at the brothel to earn more money and increase levels, buy different outfits at the tailor’s shop, or follow the main story. Customers and enemies are serviced in waves, where you'll have to make everyone cum before time runs out. The girls will service them automatically, but to make them work faster, you can press the E key to use one point of energy. Each of the girls have their own special moves to help them increase their energy, or the pleasure of the recipient, and you can switch between the girls to make managing the customers easier.

Deep Games expects Queen’s Brothel to be in early access for no more than one year and, when it is finished, the price will not change. The full version of the game is expected to have multiple side quests featuring a variety of fetishes and they will involve one or more of the main girls. The current version of the game has the complete main story quest and a few side quests.

Queen's Brothel main fetishes:

- Freeuse

- Bukkake

- Bored / Ignored

- Gang bangs

- Futanari

You can buy Queen’s Brothel in early access on Steam for $9.99. You can find more information about the game on the Queen’s Brothel site. There is also a demo available on Itch.io.

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