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Post-Apocalyptic Simulator Doomsday Robot Girl Released on Steam

Doomsday Robot Girl, a survival simulator about surviving a desolate world with an expressionless girl, is now available on Steam.

Developed by Sunspot and Banana King, Doomsday Robot Girl is an apocalypse survival game where players manage their affection with a robot girl and explore a dying world. After the war, the world had devolved into a harsh wasteland. Food and water became scarce and even the most optimistic of humans succumbed to disgraceful actions in order to survive. Even the hero himself was on the brink of death when he was rescued by an expressionless young girl named Emma. She claimed to be a military robot who used sex as a stress reliever. In exchange for staying with him, she would satisfy his sexual needs. As time passed, Emma started to change, with her hollow eyes now revealing the true sadness beneath. The hero enjoyed spending time with her so much, their time almost made him forget that the world was ending.

Doomsday Robot Girl has a daily cycle where players choose what actions to take each day. Players can either explore different locations, talk with Emma, or directly interact with her. Explore the world, collect materials to craft useful items, and fight against enemies. The game features five types of endings, with the choices you make and your bond with Emma affecting the direction of the story. As time progresses, new events in the game will be triggered.

◆Game Features

◇23 basic CGs, including more than 250 differentials◇Game text: 100,000

◇One main female character and one secondary female character

◇Doomsday themed, survival- and simulation-style game

◇Gory, violent content included

◇Game endings: 5 types

You can purchase Doomsday Robot Girl on sale from Steam for $9.34. After January 17th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $10.99.

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