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Prepare Uranus: Exploring Black Holes for Adults, Alienguy’s anal-centric simulation visual novel, is now available in early access on Steam.

Prepare Uranus: Exploring Black Holes for Adults places players in the shoes of Ksir, an awkward alien who ended up indebted to the space pirates for his boss, Adanot. Loyal to a fault, Ksir agreed to take the money in order to support Adanot’s plans to open a space bar. Following the legalization of an entertainment bill, this should prove to be a lucrative opportunity; however, if Adanot can't raise enough funds to settle the debt soon, the pirates won’t take it easy on him.

The plan is to make the much-needed cash by renting out the bar’s staff to horny aliens. The player's job is to manage the worker’s schedules and plan out the bar’s expenses. The game uses a daytime system, with players deciding on which days the girls will be attending to customers, bringing in major profits, or training to do their job better, with the latter instead costing money.

Prepare Uranus: Exploring Black Holes for Adults is still in early access. Currently, the game features three main heroines to hire at the bar. As the title might suggest, the game features a heavy focus on anal play, with heroines taking on much oversized aliens — often in groups — and regularly suffering from prolapse as a result.

Prepare Uranus is NSFW Visual Novel, where you're taking control of a bar on the planet Uranus, in which beautiful girls work. You have to improve the economy of your bar, pay off debts to space pirates, unravel the mystery of Black Holes and make Uranus the most popular place in the galaxy!

The game is full of hand drawn sex scenes and animations, has the original soundtracks

-11 hand drawn animations for adults

-10+ high quality hand-painted adult scenes

-Storyline with 10+ characters total

-System for gaining experience and levels for characters

Prepare Uranus: Exploring Black Holes for Adults is now available for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam Early Access for the promotional price of $7.19 until January 13th, at which point it will cost $7.99.

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