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[UPDATED]1/22/2023 10:30 PM EDT: We received CGs and more information about the game from the developer and added them to the article. The tags have also been updated. [/UPDATED]

A girl gets chosen to participate in a paid study to chat with a bunch of hot guys in BUNNY BOND.

BUNNY BOND is a chat-based romantic comedy otome game where the heroine, whose name can be customized, gets invited to join a study on human connection via online interaction. For ten days, she will get to live in a fancy apartment where she will chat with six other study participants through a chat system. Coincidentally, she is the only girl in this group and everyone else is an attractive guy. Spend everyday chatting with the guys in group chat and sending DMs to the man you are interested in. You can send pictures back and forth and even get into some sexy time on the phone together.

Each guy has six pictures to send you; making that thirty-six images in total. These pictures can range from funny and cute to sexy. The game will have seven endings: one ending for each guy and a “True Ending” you can get once you have completed all of the routes. When completed, the game will be released on Steam and Itch.io.

BUNNY BOND is looking for $6,600, which they have reached so far, to fund BUNNY BOND on Kickstarter. After reaching their goal, there are four stretch goals for them to aim for.

At $7,000, each boy will receive another sexy scene with a CG in their route.

At $8,000, the game will get an opening video and theme song.

At $9,000, there will be a short animation in each route. You will be able to see the boys brought to life through animation.

If they raise more than $9,000, BUNNY BOND will use the extra to get their next game ready. They have plans for more games they want to develop, so if they reach this amount, they can get started on their next work.

If you decide to become a backer, BUNNY BOND is offering some rewards.

At $10, Special Eggnowlegment tier, you will receive your name in the credits.

Unfortunately, the Early Bunny Discount tier for $20 is sold out.

At $20, Honey Bunny tier, you will receive a digital copy of the game and your name in the credits.

At $30, A Good Hopportunity tier, you will receive everything from the previous tier and Discord access.

At $40, Simply Earresistible tier, you will receive everything from the previous tier and the game’s digital art book.

At $50, Cottontales tier, you will receive the rewards from the previous tier, a digital collection of short stories featuring the boys and opportunity to vote on what happens in these stories.

At $100, VIP Hip Hop Party tier, you will receive the rewards from the previous tier and your name will be compiled into a rap song and put into the game.

At $200, Bunnymoon Suite tier, you will receive the previous tier’s rewards and the opportunity to pick a scenario for the short story collection. What makes this different from the Cottontales tier is that you won’t have to vote for the scenario you want to be written, it will be guaranteed.

At $300, Millionaire’s Row tier, you will receive the previous reward tier and the opportunity to design a poster that will be featured in a CG.

The Kickstarter for BUNNY BOND ends on February 13th. As of writing this article, the developer has raised $7,445 of their initial $6,600 goal. You can check out the Kickstarter for more information on the campaign.

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