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 Nimiwaru Studio Seeks Funding for Action Game Hot Coffe Shop on Kickstarter

A duo of independent developers began a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their action game Hot Coffe Shop.

Eliza Pecina is an independent game developer from Mexico. Having worked on games as a hobby since the age of 15-years-old, she’s now preparing to publish her first commercial project together with her best friend Raul. As their funds are running low, they’ve decided to try and crowdfund the final stretch of the development process left for her current project — a wave-based action game, Hot Coffe Shop.

In Hot Coffe Shop players will take the role of Brian, a male nurse working for a citadel at the front lines of a conflict. Together with his female co-workers, they’re responsible for entertaining soldiers. Real fun takes place off-stage, when the group spends intimate moments together letting off steam.

Hot Coffe Shop is a wave-based action game. Players can get acquainted with various NPCs at the citadel’s hub before they start the show. The game features three playable heroines and 30 waves of enemies which have to be defeated to advance. Players control their chosen heroine from a top-down perspective, shooting at approaching enemies while dodging their attacks. Opponents will include standard grunts, specials with unique abilities, and tough mini-bosses.

Each wave will be harder than the last, but a good performance will reward the player with a rising popularity of the show. This in turn leads to more pickups appearing on the arena as spectators throw in helpful items for the heroine, or even an occasional lewd unlock. Every five waves, players may also pick an upgrade to either health, shield, or popularity, allowing them to adjust their strategy. Reaching the final boss ensures that at least one of the heroine’s erotic scene will be unlocked, with a special one available for those who beat it as well.

To finishing their game, Eliza and Raul need only $2,044 (estimated from MX$39,700). They already managed to gather half of the funds, but going further than that would allow them to make the game even bigger. Stretch goal plans include translation of the game to Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian and Portuguese. After that, the team would like to add 20 additional animated erotic scenes for the heroines, as well as 18 more for each of the enemy types.

Those who pledge to the project will be promised a copy of the game upon its release, making the Kickstarter something of a pre-order campaign. Higher tiers offer collectible keychains that come in special boxes also including a steam key, as well as enamel pins, and one tier allows you to add an NPC to the game. Additionally, some tiers are for multiple Steam keys.

You can support Hot Coffe Shop on Kickstarter until January 13th. The campaign follows all or nothing rules: if it doesn’t reach its goal, funds will be returned. Pledging just $2.54 (estimated from MX$49) will grant you a copy of the game upon its release.

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