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WeissGarden Seeks Funding for Ghost Girl Lasling on Kickstarter

WeissGarden opens a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for Ghost Girl Lasling, a romantic visual novel where two souls are held back by their pasts.

Ghost Girl Lasling follows a man named Mofft, who made a crucial mistake during work that lost the company a seven-figure deal with a client. When his superior that tried to cheer him up got fired, Mofft’s coworkers blamed him and forced their own work onto him. One night, as he was still working in the office, he noticed someone roaming around the building. He finds a girl in the break room who is surprised that Mofft can see her. Soon, he learns that the girl, whose name is Lasling, is a ghost who died in an accident. He is the only one who can see her after so long. Will this fateful meeting help both of them to find redemption?

There will be two versions of the game: an 18+ version and 12+ version. The CGs, character art, and soundtracks will differ in both versions. The H-scenes will have Live2D animation.

Game contents:

ASMR voice

20 basic CGs, including difference more than 60 pieces

Check out heroines in different outfits

70,000 words of content

Deep and touching pure love story

20+ original soundtracks

Live2D animations

WeissGarden needs $3,000 in order to fund Ghost Girl Lasling. If they reach their goal, there are four stretch goals to reach for.

At $4,000, they will add voice acting for the character, Yang Xi.

At $5,000, more than thirty CGs and more 2D animations for adult scenes will be added to the game.

At $7,000, they will make a new PV with a vocal theme song.

At $10,000, they will create ASMR DLC for both versions of the game. The DLC, and future DLC, will be free for backers.

There are seven reward tiers available for backers.

For $1, your name will appear on the “Thank you list” during the credits.

For $10, you will get your name in the credits and a key for the 12+ version of the game.

For $13, you will get your name in the credits and a key for the 18+ version of the game.

For $19, you will get everything from the previous tier and the ASMR DLC for the 18+ version.

For $28, 12+ version bundle, you will get content only available in the 12+ version of the game. This includes the a game key, the soundtrack, ASMR DLC, Creators’ talk and project settings DLC, your name in the credits, and a “Lasling’s Friends” Discord role.

For $30, 18+ version bundle, you get everything from the previous reward tier, but the rewards will be for the 18+ version of the game.

For $60, All versions bundle, you will get both versions of the game, DLC, and soundtrack. This bundle also comes with two thank you cards as digital wallpapers, written by the creators, and the Discord role, “Never Forget Lasling.”

The Kickstarter for Ghost Girl Lasling ends on January 13th. As of writing this article, WeissGarden has raised $2,481 of their $3,000 goal. You can view more information about the campaign on Kickstarter. There is also a demo available on Steam.

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