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Orchard University: P3rfect W04ld, an adventure RPG where a group of students tries to escape the virtual world, is currently in development and playable through Itch.io.

Orchard University: P3rf3ct W04ld is the sequel to Icarue's previous entry, Orchard University: Remastered. Players are expected to know the events of the prequel to properly understand what's happening in this installment, but the game features an optional recap that can help catch players up. After MC and everybody else on campus was swallowed into the digital world, he finds himself back in his original body. He encounters a dark-haired girl with glasses, who goes by the name Whispers, one of the girls from the university. They then discover that the school has been torn apart and the students are scattered across the virtual world. With the help of the SSLC (Super Secret Lab Club), MC will need to rescue the students and return to the real world.

There are some differences between Orchard University: P3rf3ct W04ld and its prequel. Unlike the last game, which featured a deck-building combat system where you could use your cards to transform your enemy into a cute girl, the sequel will instead be using classic turn-based combat. MC will have multiple outfits that can have different effects during battle. Players can customize the MC with chips, which can alter abilities and stats; by trying out different chip combinations, players can get access to a wider array of skills.

Orchard University, the school of second chances, has been dragged through a digital hole and sent directly into the virtual world.

MC has returned as a man only to find himself in familiar, yet uncharted territory. After some time he discovers that the whole school has been disassembled and only him and the SSLC members can return the school to it's former glory and drag the students away from this digital hell!

You can play the current build of Orchard University: P3rf3ct W04ld on Itch.io.

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