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Action RPG Special Operations Unit - Signal Force II ~ OPERATION WHITE Now Available on DLsite

The last heroine of the Signal Force has to perform a daring rescue in ankoku marimokan’s action RPG, Special Operations Unit - Signal Force II ~ OPERATION WHITE.

Special Operations Unit - Signal Force II ~ OPERATION WHITE is a sequel to the previous entry in the Signal Force series. It portrays sentai-style heroines fighting the crime syndicate Gandead. Before the start of the game, the Signal Force performed a raid on the Gandead’s base of operations; however, they failed. With only Rikka managing to escape capture. Armed with a new, powerful hero suit, she rushes to save her companions.

The game is an action RPG. Players will explore Gandead’s compounds searching for their friends while fighting guards. All attacks are performed with a single button press, with a charged version activating a time stop ability. While powerful, its use is limited by the heroine’s MP, requiring players to carefully pick when to utilize this ultimate move.

Throughout the story, Rikka will gleam at the violent fate that befell her friends, eventually meeting each heroine as a brainwashed agent of Gandead. Rikka’s own sprite portrays her state on the screen, with damage inevitably ripping her clothes apart. As might be expected, losing will lead to the heroine’s capture and abuse at the hands of enemies. Players don’t have to purposefully fail on their mission, though, as all erotic content will be unlocked in the gallery upon the game’s completion.

There are 65 erotic scenes and 30 base CGs to discover, with a grand total of 245 images, when accounting for their variants, as well as 12 animations of the heroine being violated during combat.


It's the year 20XX.

The three heroines of justice force "SIGNAL" do battle with the evil modification crime syndicate "Gandead".

Unfortunately, SIGNAL's assault on the enemy base fails,

and heroine Rikka is the only one to elude capture.

With the power of her new White Signal Suit, it's up to Rikka to save the others, and the day!

Special Operations Unit - Signal Force II ~ OPERATION WHITE is now available on DLsite for $14.30 (estimated from ¥1,870).

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